Make Your time at TopGun shooting range the highlight of the day!

Train Your skills by learning fascinating techniques on exciting firing lanes with the help of professional instructors.

TopGun will make Your day special! You can feel like a superhero while mastering famous firearms. You have access to wide range of historical as well as modern firearms with ammunition, best instructors and comfortable shooting range.

Why come to shoot?

Throughout the history weapons have been used as a symbol of liberation which has enabled people to stand up for themselves and protect those in need. However, the positive aspects of weaponry are often overshadowed by the stories of their misuse. Shooting enables to break out of the dull routine and find an outlet for stress, which has a positive impact on our body and psyche.

Focusing on the goal, finding the right stance, controlled movements, relaxed body, optimal breathing pattern and finally pulling the trigger – all of these are components of a skilled and well-aimed shot and have a great psychotherapeutic impact and can become an efficient recreational method. According to the clients, they feel especially ecstatic after shooting from a weapon with big calibre. It is partly due to human physiology as well as the release of endorphins into the system during the shooting.

NB! Therapists recommend!

Shooting packages

You can choose from pre-existing shooting packages or create Your own by choosing from available weapons and shots. You can also choose just one gun and practice Your skills with it (My TopGun package).

Our arsenal has all kinds of options from .22LR calibre to 50 AE. We have guns from known companies such as Smith&Wesson, Ruger, Heckler&Koch, Glock, Magnum Research and others. We have taken into consideration clients’ different tastes and interests. One thing is for certain – all the packages offer excitement, new knowledge, experiences and the chance to feel truly alive.

NB! Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

SWAT team

This package is meant for adrenaline addicts – push your limits as a SWAT team member!

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) – this abbreviation makes any criminal think twice. We have gathered into one package the best variety of SWAT team’s main weaponry so that You could feel like a true action film hero.

NB! SWAT team never consists of only one person but there is a whole group of people behind the name. Come with a partner and let us make You into a tactical battle squad


Randy Newman’s You’ve Got a Friend in Me from legendary Toy Story must be an anthem for You and Your closest friend. This package is heavily inspired by the message of this song. Gun culture and shooting should start foremost with thinking and comprehension of responsibility which is then followed by a gun itself, tactics, position and finally pulling the trigger.

Pay us a visit and we will provide You TWO with a wonderful experience and a chance to do exciting things together with Your friend – best friends forever!


This package is meant for couples! And not only lovers but why not for two friends, mother and child, father and son, grandmother and grandfather and also divorcees – who knows how a shooting round could impact one’s life.

We will serve You ROMANTIC, a package where You can try a bit more exclusive guns for Your finer taste and romantic rendezvous. Following the guidance of the skilled instructor, will guarantee a great experience. Carpe diem!

Surprise your friend with amazing adrenaline rush!

TopGun Academy

Pakume relvahuvilistele relvaloa taotleja koolitusi ja koos partneritega IPSC laskesportlase turvakoolitusi ja esmaabi baaskoolitusi.
Relvad ja laskekunst, nagu iga teinegi kunstiliik, põhineb filosoofial, kultuuril, oskustel ja vastutusel ning nende ühiskondlikul koosmõjul. Relvade ja laskmisega seonduvat ei saa ega tohi käsitleda ainult varustuse, tehnika rohkuse, tulejõu ja oskuste kontekstis.

IPSC turvakursus

Kursuse üldeesmärgiks on tutvustada laskurile practical-laskmise põhimõtteid ja eripärasid, anda vajalikud teadmised ja oskused ohutuks osalemiseks IPSC võistlustel ning harjutada turvalist ja vastutustundlikku relvaga ümberkäimist. >>

Relvaloa taotleja koolitus

Koolitusele on oodatud kõik vastutustundlikud relvahuvilised, kes peavad vajalikuks enne relvaeksamile minekut oma teadmisi ja oskusi täiendada. >>

Esmaabi baaskoolitus *

1.juulil 2018 jõustus Relvaseaduse § 35 täiendus, mille kohaselt peab tulirelva soetamisloa või relvaloa taotleja esitama dokumendi, mis tõendab vähemalt 16-tunnise esmaabikoolituse läbimist. >>

* mandatory for applicants for a weapons permit!

Shooting range

TopGun shooting range has up to 25 meters long range with 6 different lanes. Here both the beginners, as well as experts, can come and practice their skills. For marksmen and club members we offer different lane profiles and exciting shooting exercises, which can help to prepare for competitions and life-threatening situations.

Friends and Partners


We are located in Viimsi, Rohuneeme tee 1.

By bus 1 a stop Mõisapargi.

By taxi from the centre is about 15€.

The shooting range is open Mon-Sun 12-8pm

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