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Basic First Aid Training

As of July 1, 2018, an amendment to Section 35 of the Firearms Act requires that applicants for a firearm acquisition permit or firearm license must present a document proving the completion of at least 16 hours of first aid training. If owning a gun and shooting is your free choice, first aid is a necessity for life to ensure the safety and security of yourself and your loved ones. The course costs €75.

Training on swelling

To meet the requirements of the Weapons Act and to ensure you have the skills and confidence you need for life, we run a 16-hour basic first aid course.

Upon completion of the training, we will issue a certificate as a prerequisite for applying for an acquisition permit or firearms licence. The training, and the certificate issued on completion, is also suitable for applicants for a driving licence and for workplace first-aiders.

The training will be conducted by Aivar Kärner, who has been working in the field of emergency medicine since 2010, and currently Aivar’s daily work is as a nurse-brigade leader of Tallinn Ambulance and lecturer-teacher at Tallinn Health Care College (RN 12913, BA, MSc).

DURATION: 16 academic hours (including 8 academic hours in the form of in-service training and 8 as independent work).


TopGun ski area, Rohuneeme road 1

INFO and REGISTRATION: or Einar Lillo on +372 51 89 176

The curriculum includes the following first aid knowledge and skills:

  • the nature and general principles of first aid;
  • assessing an accident situation, responding to an accident (including panic management) and calling for emergency assistance;
  • assessing the victim’s condition;
  • the specificities of providing assistance in the field, prevention of further damage to health;
  • first aid in case of unconsciousness;
  • ensuring a free airway, preventing brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation, removing foreign bodies from the airway, resuscitation;
  • first aid for injuries;
  • first aid for cold and burns, depending on the cause;
  • the nature of medical shock and how to help a person in shock;
  • use of a first aid kit.

The training will end with a written test to test your theoretical knowledge.

Get in touch and register!

Write to us and let us know if you would like to attend the next basic first aid training. We will send you more information by e-mail after registration.

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