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19. 23 AND 24. OCTOBER 2023

IPSC Security Course

The course is open to all shooting sports enthusiasts and people with basic firearms handling skills who wish to engage in an exciting and challenging shooting sport. After completing the course, you will have the opportunity to join TopGun shooting club and start training regularly in good company and take part in adrenaline-pumping competitions. The course costs €120.

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Practical-shooting training gives the gun owner a new quality to his shooting skills, which consists above all in the safe handling of the gun, technical and tactical skills and speed of thought. Essentially, this quality is summed up by the three main components of practical-casting – power, accuracy, speed. These components have also become the deviis of the IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) – Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas.

Practical is suitable for everyone – men and women of all ages and social status. A wide range of different age groups will be recognised – from Juniors (under 21) to Super Seniors (+60). In addition, no distinction is made on the basis of the gender of the competitor – the shooting tasks are the same for everyone, and often a small, lithe woman moving quickly from one shooting position to the next has achieved a better result than a muscular, well-trained man.

The overall objective of the course we organise is to introduce the shooter to the principles and specifics of practical shooting, to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to participate safely in IPSC competitions and to practice safe and responsible gun handling.

Those who have yet to purchase their own weapons and equipment will be advised on choices and decisions based on their wishes and objectives.

At the end of the course, participants will be tested on their theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. This is necessary, in particular, to ensure the safety of the shooter, the competitors, the judges and the spectators. Practical-shooting is a very dynamic shooting sport and therefore there are no discounts for safety and security.

A person who has successfully completed the safety course and has been selected as a member of the club will receive an IPSC Estonia Shooting Sportsman’s Licence and will be entitled to participate in all IPSC shooting competitions in Estonia and abroad, as well as the special rights and opportunities of a shooting sportsman under the Weapons Act.

IPSC Course Programme

20 Jul 2024
20 Jul 2024

DAY 1: contact training in a TopGun training classroom

First part of the seminar. The basics of practical shooting based on the rulebook and other documents governing our sport. Shooters’ rights and obligations, competitor’s equipment, competition classes, competition structure. The training materials and the rulebook are included in the price of the training. A pen and paper for taking notes is useful.

20 Jul 2024
20 Jul 2024

DAY 2: Contact learning in a TopGun training classroom

Second part of the seminar. We will continue with the topics related to the competitions: shooting range facilities, shooting exercises and the procedure for their completion, calculation of results, procedural penalties, disqualification, arbitration.

20 Jul 2024
20 Jul 2024

DAY 3: independent work, solving a test

The test must be passed in full by answering at least 75% of the questions correctly. The use of materials, in particular the rulebook, is allowed and kindly encouraged. Successful completion of the test gives access to the written exam.

20 Jul 2024
20 Jul 2024

DAY 4: contact training in the TopGun training class and shooting range

We will start the evening with an analysis of the independent work. A written exam follows. The pass mark for the exam is 75%. Shooters who pass the exam will be admitted to the practical shooting course which will be held on site at the topgun shooting range. The traineeship will focus on the basic elements of practical firing and how to do it safely.
Performance. We also try multi-element shooting exercises.

For practical training, you will need: a firearm with at least two magazines, a belt-mounted holster suitable for the firearm and covering the trigger guard, and at least two magazine holders.

Thursday evening or Friday morning/day shooting test, L1 competition according to the practical shooting rules. To successfully complete it, you must perform all the prescribed shooting exercises safely and according to the rules. In this competition, it’s not so much about accuracy or speed, but safety.

According to the EPLU rules of procedure, shooters who do not pass the theory test must retake the safety course.

Shooters who fail the test will have 30 days to retake the course and complete it successfully.

At the end of the course, we will enter the participants’ details into the information system of the Estonian region. To do this, we need your permission to process your personal data from the registration form that we ask all participants to fill in on the first day of the training.

Contact training, practical training and shooting test will take place at TopGun shooting range in Viimsi.

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Write to us and let us know if you would like to attend the next IPSC training. We will send you more information by e-mail after registration.

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