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Relvaloa training

TopGun Shooting and Shooting Club organise training courses for applicants for firearms and weapons licences. The training is a theoretical-practical preparation for passing the theoretical examination and the shooting test of the police. This training is open to all responsible firearm enthusiasts who find it necessary to enhance their knowledge and skills before taking the firearm exam. The cost of the training is €220.

Training on swelling

The training starts at kl. 18.00 and lasting until 21.00, we will also provide participants with two additional individual shooting practice sessions and access to our e-learning environment with test-taking facilities.

Topics covered in the training:

  • acquiring, registering, transferring, importing, importing, exporting and transporting weapons;
  • lawful possession, use and carrying of a firearm;
  • liability for breaches of the requirements laid down in the Weapons Act and the legislation enacted under it;
  • safety precautions when handling a weapon;
  • weapons and shooting training, practical shooting exercises.

The course will take place if at least 5 participants have registered for the course.

The cost of the training is 220 euros, which includes the ammunition and equipment needed during the training. Registration for the course by e-mail, for more information call +372 51 89 176.

Get in touch and register!

Write to us and let us know if you would like to take part in the next firearms course. We will send you more information by e-mail after registration.

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