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E-learning training for applicants for a firearms licence

You no longer have to sit in a classroom and listen to a lecturer. You’ll learn on your own, following the guidelines and priorities we give you, when you have the time, the will and the opportunity. We trust that, with your commitment and good instruction, you will be ready to pass both the theory test and the shooting test, including safe handling techniques. The training costs €150.

Training on swelling

The programme consists of five theoretical training modules, a test environment and individual weapon and shooting lessons, where you will receive confirmation of your level of knowledge and skills.

In the first module, you will learn about the structure of the programme, the requirements and the procedures for the weapons test, and you will be introduced to the culture and ethics of weapons. We give methodological suggestions and an overview of the teaching tools needed.

The second module focuses on the Weapons Act, with sub-modules covering the requirements contained in the chapters of the Weapons Act and its implementing legislation. The more important sub-modules/chapters end with checklist questions on what has been learned.

In the third module, you will acquire the bases of criminal law and the content and extent of liability for breaches of the Criminal Code, the Weapons Act and its implementing legislation.

The fourth module focuses on the theoretical-legal approach to the protection of emergencies and the practical situations and cases arising from it.

In the fifth module, you will learn the basic rules of safe handling of a firearm, both written and pictorial. You will be able to assess your knowledge of evaluating video guns and will acquire the theoretical knowledge of the main technical techniques for shooting exercises.

The course ends with multiple-choice tests (similar to the test questions in the police exam), where you can test your knowledge by answering 10 multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes.

After the theory course, you will have the opportunity to book two one-hour individual training sessions to prepare for the theory and to put into practice what you have learned in the theory for the exam. To book an appointment for a training session, please call 5637 7772 or send an e-mail to

The total cost of the course is €150. To register for the course, please send an e-mail to, after which we will send you an invoice and, upon payment, we will give you personal access to the e-learning course in the moodle environment for 30 days. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Get in touch and register!

Write to us and let us know if you would like to take part in the next e-learning course. We will send you more information by e-mail after registration.

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